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Uganda is arguably the most attractive country in Africa to bird watchers (tour), not only because of the unusually number of species recorded within its borders, but also because it offers easy access to several bird-rich habitats that are difficult to reach else where. Uganda’s remarkable avian diversity,over 1000 species recorded in an area similar to that of Great Britain can be attributed to its location at a transitional point between the East African savanna,the West African rainforest and the semi-desert of the north.
Uganda is gaining an increasing reputation as an exceptional worldwide destination for "bird watching" activities.Although the size of Uganda is not particularly big, however it hosts over 1000 species of birds (whereas in Europe  there are 700 species), also due to the diversity of its  territory (from the Lake Victoria, to Rwenzori mountains,to the desert land of Karamoja). Bird watching activities are available basically everywhere: from the Ssese islands of Lake Victoria, to the National Parks and Natural Reserves. Amongst the birds, many are special, such as Shoebill stork, Papyrus gonolek, African fish eagle, horn bills, lyre tailed honey guide.

The best sites for bird watching are: Semliki National Park and WildlifeReserve,Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth National park Lake Mburo National Park, Murchison Falls National Park,Mabira Forest and Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary.

Indeed Uganda is a a birder's paradise, Harmony safaris goes an extra mile in making sure that our clients and visitors get the best experince and exposure to the birds of Uganda

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