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10 Days Birding Safari Uganda , Birding and Nature Safaris

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10 Days Birding Safari Uganda , Birding and Nature Safaris

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The price for respective groups will cost as quoted in the table below


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On landing at Entebbe international airport a representative from Harmony safaris will welcome you and take you to check in at the hotel.


Detailed Itinerary

Day 1

Uganda wildlife education centre
After breakfast, Bird the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, Botanical gardens and other areas in Entebbe. Birds to look out for here include crowned cranes, Parrots, Pelicans, ostrich, crowned cranes, weaver birds like the orange weaver, black necked baglafect, the northern masked weaver, shoebill stork, African Fish Eagle, small banded snake Eagle, African Goshawk and the swamp flycatcher. Lunch break and then transfer to the botanical gardens where you will most likely be able to enjoy more prolific bird life. Uganda Safari Birds to look out for here include the yellow-throated leaf love, the great blue Turaco, Ross’s Turaco, the black and white casqued hornbill, the pied hornbill. Yellow backed weaver, orange weaver, brown-throated weaver, and great reed warblers and the fish eagle. Dinner and over night at the Forest Cottages / Hotel African / Red Chilli

Day 2

Mabira forest birding 
After breakfast you will head to Mabira Forest after an early breakfast. Enroute to the Forest look out for the hooded vulture, black kite and Marabou stork. Mabira forest reserve is the largest block of moist semi deciduous forest remaining in the central region of Uganda. Look out for the Cassin Hawk Eagle, Nahans Francolin, Leaf love, Blue Headed Crested flycatcher, Grey Spotted Wood Pecker, Black shouldered Nightjar, violet backed starling, Yellow Rumped Tinker bird and Capuchin Babbler. Return to Dinner & overnight. Forest Cottages/ Hotel Africana/ Red Chilli

Day 3

Mabamba Island birding 
After breakfast you will drive to Masaka, get a boat to Mabamba island which is a newly discovered home of the rare shoebill. Special birds include white winged warbler, papyrus Gonolek, yellow backed weaver, northern brown throated weaver and others. In the late afternoon you will proceed to Lake Mburo national park. Dinner and overnight at the lodge

Day 4

Lake Mburo National Park
You will have a  morning game drive, return to the lodge for breakfast, you will then go for bird watching in Lubanga forest, you may spot birds like Red, Black and Yellow Papyrus Gonolek and in the afternoon you will go for a boat rideor take boat ride on one the lakes looking for species like the Brown Chested Plover, Red Faced Barbet, Dinner and overnight at the lodge/camp

Day 5

Birding & Nature Walk 
 After an early breakfast, embark on Nature Walk , While on the walk look out for the Red faced Barbet, Bare faced go away bird, Varreaux’s Eagle Owl, Yellow billed ox pecker and lead coloured flycatcher. Lunch break. Proceed with a late afternoon game drive along the Zebra track. The African Wattled Plover, Black bellied bustard, and Temmricks Courser may be sighted. Also look out for other animal species such as Burchell’s Zebra and the Comical Warthogs. Dinner & overnight Mantana Luxury Tented camp/ Rwonyo Rest Camp

Day 6

Queen Elizabeth national park
After breakfast you will drive to Queen Elizabeth national park, on arrival you will go for a nature walk in Maramagambo forest for bird watching. In the late afternoon you will go for a game drive. Dinner and overnight at the lodge

Day 7

Queen Elizabeth national park
You will go for an early morning game drive, return to the lodge for breakfast, go to Maramaganbo forest for bird watching and then to Kazinga channel for a boat cruise, these areas is blessed with various bird species like the Pelicans, Skimmers, Kingfishers, Thick-knees, Storks, Martins, Swallows, Weavers, Canaries, Kites and many grassland specialties. Dinner and overnight at the lodge

Day 8

Queen Elizabeth - Kibale.
Have a morning game drive and later head for Kibale Forest National Park. Kibale Forest is a large protected block of rainforest, which has the highest number of primates in Africa such as Chimpanzees, Grey Cheeked Mangabey, Red Tailed monkey and Red Colobus. Dinner and overnight at the lodge

Day 9

After breakfast you will go for chimpanzee tracking. This park has the largest concentration of chimpanzees and other primates in Uganda.  You will return for lunch and then visit the Bigodi wetland swamp. During tracking and when you visit Bigodi you may see birds like the Grey-Throated Flycatcher, Masked & Black-Capped Apalis', Chestnut-Winged Starling, Orange -Tufted & Tiny Sunbirds and Narina Trogon, Pied Hornbill, Yellow Spotted, Hairy Breasted and Yellow-billed Barbets. 
You will return to Kampala in the afternoon and have an overnight in hotel Africana while you prepare for your flight back home the next day.


Day 10.

After breakfast, have city tour if time allows and then take you to the airport for  your flight flight.


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