Frequently asked questions

Q: What should I bring to Uganda?
A: When traveling to Uganda, make sure to bring solid walking shoes/boots, sun glasses and enough sun screen. Do not forget insect repellent, your camera, rain gear, and binoculars. As far as clothing goes, please bring comfortable boots, preferably two or three pairs. Shorts and long trousers in khaki or olive are a good choice as well as t-shirts and shirts. The mornings and the evenings can be rather cold, so make sure to also bring clothing for that!
Q: How is the climate?
A: Temperatures and climates change drastically from region to region in Uganda. Your needed equipment differs when gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and when on a game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Instinct Safaris guides, however, are more than happy to assist you making the right choice for the best of your tour with Us. Sun screen is a good choice for everyone who is planning to visit East Africa. Along the equator, and in combination with great heights, it is essential to bring sun screen to protect your skin while on safari. Sun glasses will help protect your eyes, as well!
Q: How safe is the region?
A: Uganda and Rwanda are very safe African countries. After long years of struggle, both countries have managed to establish a peaceful environment. Even in Eastern DR Congo, the situation is improving. However, we only use the Goma route from Rwanda and Gisenyi when going to Mt. Nyiragongo. It is considered to be the safest way to reach our destinations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo safely.
Q: How can I exchange my currency?
A: Numerous banks offer ATM services, where one can easily withdraw cash. These include Barclays Bank, Stanbic Bank, Crane Bank, dfcu, and Standard Chartered. You can use your Visa card without a fee. Mastercards, however, do not usually work. Debit cards require fees.
Q: How is the culture of the Great Lakes region?
A: Culturally, people in our region are very hospitable and eager to welcome visitors. Whenever people try to interact with you, go ahead and greet back. Don’t be shy!
Q: How can I reach a walking safari’s starting point?
A: The starting points for our walking safaris are defined in each itinerary. You can either get transport there, yourself, or ask us to arrange transport for you!
Q: What is the minimum age for mountain gorilla trekking?
A: Gorilla trekking is not allowed for children under 15 years of age. This is because the Uganda Wldlife Authority knows about the physical strength and condition one has to be in in order to track the mountain gorillas in Mt. Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
Q: When is the best time to visit Uganda for Mountain Gorillas and for game viewing?
A: Uganda is located at a relatively high topography compared to other east african countries. When going on a safari in Uganda, it is important to know just when you will encounter the easiest trekking conditions for the mountain gorillas or when to best view animals. Even though mountain gorilla trekking is considered a year-round activity, the best time to come gorilla trekking in Uganda is during one of the two dry seasons of the year: January and February or from June to mid September. Game viewing in Queen Elizabeth National Park and the other wildlife parks is best at the end of the dry seasons, which is late February to March or September and early October. This is when wildlife will be concentrated close to the water sources and easy to spot. Bird watchers should look into visiting Uganda between November and April, when migrant species are present in Uganda. Generally, we only discourage clients to visit Uganda in April and May due to the unpredictable weather and lots of rain!

Cancellation policy


We have the following cancellation conditions: 

Gorilla Permits in Uganda (rules by Wildlife Authority!)
91 days before tracking 70% refund

90-46 days before tracking 50% refund
45- 9 days before tracking 25% refund
8-0 days before tracking 0% refund

Gorilla Permits in Rwanda (rules by ORTPN Rwanda!)
30 days before tracking 80% refund

30- 1 days before tracking no refund 

Camping Tours
0% (you pay on arrival)

Individual Tours and Simple Guesthouse Tours
90-45 days before starting 70% refund (30% will be charged)

45-10 days before starting 60% refund (40% will be charged)
10-1 days before starting 0% refund (100% will be charged)

Luxury Tours
45 days before starting 70% refund (of the advance payment)

45- 10 days before starting 50% refund (of the advance payment)
10-1 days before starting 0% refund

Tailor-Made Tours
Depends on the tour.

Car Hire
0% (you pay on arrival)

Other Conditions

  • If you cancel the 3 Days Gorilla Special but still need your permits, we charge a handling fee of 50$ per person.
  • If you cancel any other tour but still need your permits, we will charge 20% of the total tour price.
  • If you book the tour with chimps, please note we always have to pay for the permits in advance, so if you cancel we will have to deduct the money for the chimp permit (90$ per person).